If you are looking for stylish and comfortable footwear for winter, consider choosing Cate the Great Wedge Boots from Sorel! Designed for light rain or moderate snow, these boots are grippy and sufficiently warm in all but the most extreme temperatures.

The wedge and rubber soul make them grippy and maneuverable while the lace up style enables flexibility for dressing up or down. The leather and suede along with the craftsmanship tie everything together nicely.

Are they good in the snow?

They are not designed to be as warm as The Joan of Arctic boots but they will manage in light snow conditions. It is recommended to consider wearing warm wool socks to enhance the thermal capacity and keep the interior along with your feet feeling toasty.

The platform measures approximately 3/4 inch, and the shaft measures 14 inches from the arch. Punctuate your unique style with colors such as black, elk, redwood, or pebble.

How is the lacing system?

The unique string loop lacing system of this boot ads to the eye catching style but has some downsides. It is not as durable as other systems and requires care and possibly maintenance if you notice excessive wear or chaffing. Take caution with the lacing system, do not go crazy with over tightening and prevent abrasive contact with other objects. Few people have issues with normal wear conditions. In the worst case scenario it is possible to repair the loop and restore to new.


Inspired by the longstanding reign of Catherine the Great – the Empress of Russia – these boots represent strength and power. Overall, this is a beautiful set of boots and a unique design. They will turn heads and initiate spontaneous compliments wherever you go. May you reign as prosperously and long as one of history’s greatest female rulers!

Sorel Women's Cate the Great Wedge Boots

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