If you are looking for a fashionable winter boot that will keep your feet warm as you slog through the snow, then the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot is designed precisely for you. Endure long winters with the comfort and protection of these boots. Keep your feet dry during frigid winter temperatures, and battle the deep snow drifts from the latest Polar Vortex.

The Joan of Arctic has a removable liner that can be dried quickly in the event that moisture or perspiration builds up inside. Although these boots are comfortable, they are also heavy and bulky as one might expect from a thoroughly winter proof boot. They will be more ideal for walking expeditions or waiting for long periods of time outside. They are adept for shovelling snow or walking the dog but less ideal for jogging or all day exercise.

How Warm is this boot?

A boot that is designed for the toughest winter conditions must be well insulated. The Joan of Arctic fairs well in the regard. The liner is 6mm thick and provides ample protection from the frostiest conditions. Your toes will remain toasty warm during long stays outdoors. The shaft of the boot is high on the lower leg and fits tightly to seal out the elements.

Interior airflow in the foot cavity keeps warm air flowing around your feet and toes. This further increases the insulative properties of the boot and prevents the extremities from becomign excessively cold. The inner removable liner will dry quickly when placed next to a heater or kept next to a fire and be dry and ready for the next day.


The outsole is made of waterproof vulcanized rubber which is handcrafted and effective at keeping the inside dry even when standing in relatively deep puddles.

The upper consists of waterproof suede and full-grain leather. There is a fluffy faux fur cuff that helps keep out unwanted wetness and contributes to the seam sealed waterproof construction.

The recycled felt liner in the inner boot and the 200 grams of thinsulate insulation material allow this boot to thrive in conditions as low as -32 celsius and -25 fahrenheit.


If you are battling the worst that winter has to offer and would like to stay warm and dry whether waiting for the bus, walking the dog, or running your daily errands then the Joan of Arctic will provide the comfort you need. The build quality is top notch and long lasting while the inner liner can be removed for easy maintenance. Keep your toes warm and enjoy the winter! 

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