Fashion is always evolving. And for the last several years, a combination of party-glam and huge comfort has been at the forefront of fashion trends.

During the epidemic, we found ourselves wanting to remain fashionable while being comfortable. According to the elite women who determine the purchasing agenda at Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter, and Farfetch, the year 2022 will be all about putting ourselves out there and actually putting ourselves forward. “The pleasure of dressing up has swiftly made its way into the new sexy trend,” says Liane Wiggins, Matches’ head of womenswear. “Brands are putting a lot of emphasis on appearances that enhance and empower women, as well as making the client feel great while being true to themselves.”

Think bright colors, graphic print silhouettes, and amusing accessories. In the words of Lianne Wiggins, head of womenswear at MATCHESFASHION: “We’re living in the era of the anything-goes attitude right now.” Wild and daring, but yet simple and sleek, will be the leaders, and there will be plenty of space for everyone to sit comfortably in the center.

While runway events continue to be significant, social media is now more than ever the source of the most recent fashion trends. Check out this gallery for a peek at some of the hottest fashion trends we anticipate to see in 2019.

Colors that pop out at you

Colors that are bold and adventurous are here to stay, as we continue to embrace fantasy fashion and experiment with varied colors and distinctive designs at a greater rate than in the past.

Senior market editor at NET-A-PORTER, Libby Page shares her thoughts on fashion.

People prefer bright colors because they make them feel good, and this year’s fashion is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Expect a slew of mood-boosting patterns and bright colours to infuse an aura of optimism into the space. The online retailer NET-A-PORTER claims to have experienced “phenomenal growth year-on-year in sales of vividly colored products” – and we expect this trend to continue until 2022. Expect to see a lot more purples and violets in the next year, according to Pantone’s selection of ‘Very Peri’ as the color of the year for 2022.

Power Suits

Power suits, according to Jasie Style, a fashion and wardrobe stylist, are set to take center stage this year, particularly those that are “colorful, stunning materials, and dramatic patterns,” according to Insider magazine.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, more contemporary women have risen to the top of the corporate ladder, where they are concentrating on growing their businesses while maintaining a professional appearance.

Jasie Style is a fashion and wardrobe stylist that works in the fashion industry.

The statement style is both timeless and adaptable, providing a professional appearance that can be worn to work as well as out in the evening and beyond. Incorporate a classic women’s business suit into your wardrobe and you’ll be able to tap into the effortlessly stylish business-appropriate style that we can anticipate to be quite popular in 2022.


I predict that the year 2022 will be dominated by ethical and environmentally friendly fashion.

Kat Eves is a celebrity hairstylist.

Fashion, like other sectors, is moving toward a more environmentally friendly future, and this is no exception. The resale sector, which is currently worth more than A$22 billion, is expected to overtake the fast fashion business in the coming years, according to analysts. Many premium companies are beginning to make inroads into the pre-owned market. Shoppers may now get their hands on luxury resale products thanks to the advent of high fashion resale sites like as Valentino Vintage, which are now available online.

Other firms, such as LVMH, have partnered with technology companies, such as Security Matters, to make the move to more environmentally friendly practices. Although this trend is still in its infancy due to the adaptation of large businesses and customers, sustainable fashion is expected to continue to expand in 2022.


We predict that baggy jeans and low-hanging skirts will be all the rage in spring 2022, after their debut on the runways.

Fashion Magazine is a publication that focuses on the fashion industry and the items that come from it.

A micro-trend that is part of our post-pandemic aspirations for discreet sensuality, the bra top worn as a shirt, is described by Vogue as “sticking around for another season” this year after making its way from the bedroom to the workplace.

Because of the growing willingness of individuals to take chances and be more liberal in the workplace, industry experts predict that the bra top or bralette, which is a consequence of this year’s fashion becoming more daring, will find its way into the city. This season, expect to see triangle tops combined with menswear-inspired suits and bralettes teamed with elegant pencil skirts, among other things.

Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts are a great way to dress up a simple outfit.
In fashion, there’s a mix of generational yearning to go back to a period when it was fun and thoughtless, which is driving the trend.

Zerina Akers is a costume designer who has won an Emmy Award.

Zerina Akers, a celebrity stylist and award-winning designer, told that the tiny skirt’s resurgence is a combination of nostalgia and a yearning for fashion that makes people feel good. A number of us who are quite nostalgic, and then there’s this new younger generation that’s researching it and being inspired by these archive photographs of pop idols,” she told the website.

The miniskirt is the latest early 2000s fashion trend to reappear in the midst of the Y2K style renaissance, which is now in full force. Harpers Bazaar implies that the “small trend” may have all originated with the explosion of tennis skirts on Gen Z social media feeds this summer, citing an old article from the magazine’s archives. While the miniskirt is clearly making a comeback on social media, it was most likely the micro-mini skirts from the Miu Miu Spring 2022 collection that actually heralded the return of the fashion classic to the runways and stores.

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