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Brand: ZOGBX

Color: Pink


  • ▲ Fashionable design stroller: The unique and fashionable appearance will bring you a strong visual impact. The taller seat design makes your baby look more spacious. The lightweight aluminum stroller frame is durable and smooth. Accessories include breastfeeding pillows. These breastfeeding breastfeeding pillows can lift your baby to a supported and comfortable position. This provides relief for your back, arms, buttocks, etc., attach the adjustable buckle to your waist.
  • ▲ Ergonomic design: very suitable for infants and young children. The appearance looks very elegant and luxurious; the shock-proof design, the front wheel spring absorbs shocks and protects the baby’s brain and body. All-terrain stroller. Ride easily on all roads; flexible design, the front wheel can be rotated 360° or locked in a precise position
  • ▲Adjustable stroller: Newborn babies use sleep mode, and toddlers use semi-recumbent mode or seat mode. Just one step to brake and release the stroller will not hurt your feet
  • ▲3D shock absorption: 3D shock absorption can effectively protect the healthy development of the baby’s brain and spine
  • ▲ Easy to carry: multiple seats can be upright, semi-tilted, and tilted deeper. So it is suitable for babies aged 0-4. It is easy to fold and can be stored in the trunk of the car. Parents push it to go shopping, travel, walk, play and chat in the park, or have a picnic in the wild, etc., and spend a pleasant journey with the baby.


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