• If the most important sensor from the untact thermometer is made with a cheap component, it may threaten our family’s health through inaccurate measurement. The thermometer that checks the health of your family including yourself must not provide an inaccurate measurement and must be easily used by anyone.
  • Fast, Accurate and Convenient – Thermoclick quickly measures the body temperature within 1 second through untact skin infrared method protecting the safety of the measurer. A LED display is applied allowing vivid view of the measurement from even dark places. Also, it is designed for easy measuring by anyone regardless of the professionality through intuitive menu composition and easy operation method.
  • For the health of the precious you – Every component from the main measuring sensor to the smallest components of the untact thermometer is made in Korea possessing high accurate measurement performance. Also always provides an excellent performance along with convenient usage from any place where people come and go such as home, stores, hospitals and others through ergonomic design that perfectly fits the hand of the user and 0.18lb light weight.
  • For the smart you – The health status can be directly checked through each color display in accordance of the fever condition. The silent mode allows quiet measuring for homes with babies so it does not bother the baby. Additionally instead of just using it to measure body temperature, if you connect the thermometer with Bluetooth through application it saves the body temperature information allowing you to check the record, body temperature change graph and others through your smart phone.
  • More than just a standard thermometer – You can improve the infant care environment by simply measuring the temperature of the bathing water, baby food. It also includes the indoor temperature-humidity measurement function along with body/object temperature allowing easy humidity measurement through simple way during change of seasons when the temperature changes greatly allowing you to take care of the health of the member who is weak during change of seasons. / 💡2 AA batteries are needed.


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