Brand: QWK

Color: Extreme Night Black


  • TRAVEL & EVERYDAY – Whether you’re on the go or just doing everyday errands on the go, a lightweight, compact stroller is a must! It’s mini, but perfect for long-term use and offers both everyday and travel stroller options.
  • Two-way rotating sleeping basket: Baby is full of you, rotating seat, two-way implementation, to adapt to the baby’s small emotions.
  • The rocking chair can be changed in seconds anytime, anywhere, with one-button reversing, light and easy to store, and gentle vibration.
  • The two-way stroller that can be used as a rocking chair is light and comfortable, newly upgraded, freeing mother’s hands, one-key reversing, light and easy to store, soft vibration.
  • One push, one push, one hand to close in seconds, hold the baby to operate so easy, the intimate assistant who understands mother.


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