Brand: Ortur


  • 🥇【Ortur LU2-4LF Laser Module】: 2021 Newly upgraded LU2-4 laser module, it’s high power and has a longer Depth of Field. PLEASE NOTE:The 24V laser module is only suitable for 24V engraving machines.
  • 🥇【Luminous power】: 4500-5500MW, higher power realizes better engraving and cutting, has faster engraving and cutting efficiency, and saves time.
  • 🥇【Default focal length】: 50MM focal length, safe engraving distance, no need to worry about the safety hazards of laser.
  • 🥇【Advantage】: It can control the laser beam more accurately, suitable for cutting and dismantling materials with greater hardness, can engrave or cut designated engraving materials, and have a wide range of materials.
  • 🥇【High-precision】: High-precision control of the laser beam, more stable and continuous output power, long service life.


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