Brand: Mssoomm


  • The length of this item is 105mm, we can provide any length as you want, and the longest is 6000mm/ 236.22 inch. Our product defaults to round edge copper bars, if you need rectangular copper bars, please let us know
  • If this item is not FBA, the price is based on the air transportation and the lead time is 7-10 Business Days except for for Chinese National Day holiday and Spring Festival; you could also choose the sea transportation and the price is lower, the lead time is about 30 Natural Days
  • We could process the bar, including bending, cutting and punching, please message us
  • Copper is easily oxidized and blackened in the environment, which affects electrical contact. Tin plating can enhance corrosion resistance, increase the contact area of copper bars and enhance conductivity
  • Copper bar is a high-current conductive product, suitable for high and low voltage electrical appliances, switches, power distribution equipment, buss ducts, etc.


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