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  • Digestive Relief, Healthy Immunity & Development: Best-selling herbal remedy for infant gas and colic relief to ease baby’s tummy trouble while supporting your baby’s immunity and bone development with probiotics and vitamin D – baby essentials so baby and parents can get back to bliss
  • Gentle and Safe: Our Original Gripe Water is an herbal supplement made with organic fennel and ginger extracts to help relieve baby’s stomach discomfort caused by gas, hiccups, colic symptoms or teething. For ages: 2 weeks+
  • Quality Strain of Probiotics: Our Baby Probiotics feature the world’s most clinically-studied probiotic strain, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, 1 billion cells per serving (30-day supply) to gently build your newborn’s digestive and immune systems, with 400IU Vitamin D3 for healthy bone development. For ages: newborn+
  • Quality Ingredients: Only made with the best ingredients, completely free from artifical colors and flavors, gluten, dairy, yeast, dill, soy, petroleum based by-products, parabens, alcohol, and free of the top eight allergens
  • Easy Administration: Gripe Water Original includes a syringe and adapter plug to ensure no spills – administer slowly towards the side of mouth/inner cheek so baby can swallow each amount slowly, and the Baby Probiotic Drops squeeze dropper makes it easy to provide the correct serving size for your newborn without the fuss
  • Moms Make It Better: Created for moms, by moms, Mommy’s Bliss was created to safely and gently bring families back to bliss with effective remedies to comfort your little one and support health and wellness

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