Puppy Milk Feeder

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  • 🌱【Free your hands】 When the little pet is not breastfeeding, the silicone breastfeeder can help you free your hands and automatically feed the little pets during the lactation period. It is especially suitable for breeders or adoptive pet owners.
  • 🌱【Health and Safety】 The silicone breastfeeder uses food-grade silicone, which has been sterilized at high temperatures, so it can be used with confidence and will not cause harm to pets.
  • 🌱【Low flow rate design】 The breastfeeder cleverly uses the principle of pressure difference. After the lid is closed, the milk can automatically flow out of the nipple at a low flow rate, which slows the pet’s ability to suck milk.
  • 🌱【Instructions for use】 When the newborn pet is hungry, the pacifier can be correctly guided into the pet baby’s mouth, try several times, let the pet taste the taste of milk and adapt, it will start to suck.
  • 🌱【Applicable pets】 The breastfeeder is suitable for newborn puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters and other mammals.

Details: Puppy Milk Feeder

UPC: 711620109669


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