• 【Upgrade High-Power】The output optical power is 10W; Directly engrave mirror stainless steel: no need painting black; Super fast engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, up to 500mm/s ; Remarkable cutting ability: cutting through 8mm thickness plywood by one pass at speed of 1.5mm/s.
  • 【Original Diode with FAC】The Blue Laser module with original diode,high stability, high efficiency, high quality,20,000 hours life time! Built-in FAC to make the beam size much smaller at focus, with super cutting penetration and precision, power density increase 4~5times, the engraving speed increase 4~5 times accordingly. At same time, the precision increase 4~5 times also. can directly engrave smooth stainless steel metal and ceramics.
  • 【Safety Eye Protection Cover Design】Our 80W Laser module protective cover can effectively filter blue light and ultraviolet light to the eye; make you feel more comfortable and safety while engraving without wear protective glasses. It also can prevent animals from catching the laser spot.
  • 【Easy to Use】Wavelength: 450nm; Input: DC 12V 3.2A(3A-3.5A); Power adjustable: Support 5V PWM modulation; Input port: XH2.54-3P socket; control line installation method: pluggable. Focus fixed laser head, suitable for DIY engraving machine, three-axis engraving machine, CNC milling machines, laser cutting machines, 3D printers etc. easy to install.
  • 【Widely Compatibility & Application】The laser module is is compatible with most laser engraver brands on the market, e.g. AtomSt**k, Ort*r, Nej*, etc. and LaserGRBL, LightBurn, and other mature engraving software; Engraving materials: MDF,rubber, wood, paper, plastic,plywood, PCB board, aluminum , stainless steel, ceramic, stone, etc. Cutting material: wood, acrylic, bamboo,MDF etc. (🔺Unable to engrave with blue/purple/white/transparent material, aluminum without oxide layer)


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