laser engrave


Brand: LifBetter

Color: Charcoal color


  • Brand-new eye upgrade design: upgrade and upgrade eye protection, take our eye protection glasses, our door adds a laser around the laser head, suitable for single operation, multi-person DIY and close viewing, to protect the safety of the eyes . Your family gets along with your parents through the engraving machine.
  • Quick installation: adopts a relatively light acrylic + aluminum alloy frame structure, aluminum alloy guide rails and rubber pulleys, stable operation, precise engraving, high-quality laser, precise beam control, engraving accuracy 0.01mm; engraving area is 16.14×14.57”
  • Fixed-focus laser cutting: fixed-focus cutting, no need to adjust the focus, convenient X-axis and Y-axis parallel, effectively solve the problem of engraving positioning; imported chips, low failure rate, stable and durable, precise control.
  • Multi-material laser engraving machine: wood, cardboard, bamboo, plastic, leather, bone, rubber, acrylic, etc. can be engraved and etched. Such as mobile phone shells, greeting cards, decorations, pendants and other surfaces are engraved with logos (transparent materials, reflective materials and other surfaces need to be painted black).
  • System compatibility: It can be linked to mobile phones, PCs, notebooks, supports Win7/8/10, IOS, Android WIFI connection, and supports file formats JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP/PNG. Download the app to upload any picture for engraving.

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