Brand: Beruna


  • Combination recommended purchase:Laser Engraver A5 Pro 40W, CNC Carving Machine 5-5.5W Output Power, Carve Size 410x400mm With ATOMSTACK B1 Enclosure Safe Dust-Proof Cover for Laser Engraving Machine
  • What you will get:2 * Support beam;1 * Y-axis right slide rail;1 * Y-axis left slide rail 3 * Foot bracket;1 * Laser head;1 * Connecting plate 1 * protective glasses;1 * power cable;1 * adapter;1 * Product Manual;1 * Power switch line;1 * Synchronous belt;4 packs * Mounting screws; 2 * sheet (Focusing & Acrylic); 1 * Stainless steel backing plate for cutting;2 * Test material (stainless steel & wooden board);1 * brush;1 * Wire tie,1* ATOMSTACK B1 protective box 1* Exhaust pipe*2m 1* Anti-cut
  • Upgraded ultra-fine compression laser:4 lens group collimation focusing technology, 55.5W optical power, 0.06*0.06mm laser focus area, and high-density laser can easily cut 15mm thick at one time. Wooden board, 12mm black acrylic; it can directly emboss mirror stainless steel metal and ceramics, and achieve the same effect of a 100W CO2 laser engraving machine.
  • Your imagination can take you anywhere:You can create anything you can imagine with the A5PRO laser engraver. The engraver has an output of 5.5W. It has an ultra-fine laser focus area of 0.23mm*0.23mm, which can not only engrave, but can also cut 1/2 inch wood and acrylic. You don’t have to adjust the focus when engraving, the new laser combines precision engraving and high-energy cutting at the same time.
  • B1 Enclosure can be used for all laser engraving machine models. ( X series, A series, P series ) It has a built-in powerful exhaust fan, which can discharge the smoke in time and play an air-assisted effect.


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