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Brand: JumpOff Jo

Color: Camo


  • Coordination & Balance – RockSteady Puddle Jumpers help your child build confidence in their balance and coordination. Playing on the foam stepping stones helps develop agility through play.
  • Practical Skill Development – Hopping from stone to stone trains important muscles and gross motor skills needed for stability while walking, jumping, and running.
  • Imagination & Fun – Watch as your child sets up balance blocks in limitless configurations both indoors and outdoors. They’ll love practicing their coordination by playing fun and healthy games.
  • Set of 10 – Each set has 10 foam stepping stones (roughly 7.5” x 6” x 1.25” in size) in various colors. Non-skid pads on the base help prevent slipping so you can use these balance blocks on carpet, grass, or smooth surfaces.
  • Game Ideas – Great for educational and cooperative games. Some ideas include: Obstacle courses, counting and color names, the ground is lava, follow the leader, Simon Says, free play, and more!

UPC: 669203908287


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