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  • PRODUCT DETAILS Product Type (Material) Original Erzurum Oltu Stone Number of Rosary Beads 33 Beads Grain Size (Diameter) 9 x 9 mm Total Length (Excluding Tassel) 19 cm Imam’s Height is 3.5-5 cm Tassel Length (Can Change) 12 cm Rosary Model Marble Model Rosary 1000 Sterling Silver and Turquoise Processing Tassel Used 925 Sterling Silver Whip
  • We can customize our rosary as you wish. We can write a name on the rosary. We can put your initials on the rosary tassel. We can make letters on the rosary beads. Apart from that, we can make the customizations you suggest. Please contact us after ordering. We send our rosaries in a very special rosary box and by adding any notes or gifts you wish.
  • .The tassels in the images of our rosaries are the tassels we use in our catalog shoots. I am sending with the same tassels. The tassel in the image may sometimes be out of stock. In this case, we add a tassel or tassel that you like as in the image. Please ask us for the rosary tassel information in your order. Preparing Time: The rosary will be ready to ship to you within 3-7 days after receiving your order.
  • Shipping Information: We deliver your orders quickly with Fedex, Ups, DHL cargo. We deliver your order within 3-5 working days on average. Our Cancellation and Return Policy: You can cancel your rosary within 6 hours after placing your order and request a change in your order (Size, Tassel, etc.). We do not make any changes to your order after 6 hours. We find solutions to all kinds of problems arising from us in your rosaries.
  • We produce our rosary for you to have a good time in your spare time, jewelery materials, private meetings, prayers of all religions (dhikr bead, catholic gift, rosary, sibha, masbaha, subha, rosary, trouble bead). . ). , rosary, rosary bracelet, necklace,) as jewelry accessories for all humanity.
  • Our Rosary is a Gift for Every Special Day. Some of those Father’s day, valentine’s day, christmas, birthday, islamic gift, catholic gift, love gift. Catholic Gift, Personalized Gift, Islamic gift. Please read the Descriptions carefully.”” More information about this source text Source text required for additional translation information Send feedback side panels Past Saved contribute”

UPC: 880790004262


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