Brand: Dovov

Color: Green and white


  • Fine Pattern Presentation: The heating plate of Dovov heat press 15×15 is triple polished, with high-quality PTFE spraying, smooth and non-stick ink, so that the transferred pattern has clearer details.
  • Even Heat Distribution: The heating tube is 20% thicker to 0.63 inches, and the third generation of heating tube arrangement controls the global temperature difference of the heating plate within 15 °F/8 °C.
  • Precise Digital Control: Intelligent temperature control boxes and sensors accurately control the gap between the set temperature and the actual temperature at 18°F/10°C. Setting range: 0-482 degrees Fahrenheit, 0-999 seconds, Power: 1100w.
  • Safe and Durable: Reinforced rubber handles load-bearing reached 200KGF, eliminating the possibility of grip breakage in daily use; Pull- out slide rail design can pull out the base, providing 40% more space to pick up and place clothes, making it safer and more convenient; overheating automatic closing device to avoid fire and other accidents.
  • Easy to Use: The temperature range of Dovov heat press machine is suitable for a wide range of situations such as cotton, linen, fabric, heat transfer, heat sublimation, etc., and the combination of mug/ plate/ hat press allows for DIY with more items.

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