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  • Optimized and added a new aluminum frame, reducing the weight of the whole machine, making it lighter and more refined.Optimized the curvature of the main shaft to reduce friction. The new spindle shape makes the machine run smoother and looks nicer.
  • Brand-new upgrades, reduce shortcomings, improve the roughness or jamming of the bearings proposed by buyers. Less resistance and smoother operation.
  • Upgraded shoe repair machine can be matched with motor to improve efficiency.The maximum sewing thickness is 0.48 inches.
  • TIPS:This leather sewing machine is a new product launched by us. The electric mode is a decorative design that we have included, which can drive a little power.However, you may still need to operate manually when you encounter thick leather. The main point of the product is the base of this shoe repair machine. If you mind, please buy it with thinking twice.
  • It is hand-made by the master blacksmith, so the machine will leave a knocking mark, not as smooth as the machine that be mold made.

UPC: 744306801151


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