Brand: CGgJT

Color: Multi-colored


  • GREAT MATERIALS: High quality metal shell which is durable, sturdy, anti corrosion and waterproof. The motor inside is made by copper which is low voice, stable and high efficient during working. An LCD display is inserted on the top of shell for monitoring the working temperature of air tank.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: This electric high pressure air comressor is 1800W, therefore it has a powerful performance during work. The normal inflating speed is 2800r/min, working pressure level is 4500PSI/30MPa, easy to fill up your container in a very short period of time. Current working pressure is showed through pressure gauge.
  • SAFETY UPGRADED: The explosion proof valve can protect the machine from being over pressured. When the pressure is over 30MPa, the copper slice of the valve will broken so as to release the excessive air pressure. There are five spare copper slices coming with the machine and you can easily change them.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This air compressor pump can be used in various ways, including paintball, scuba, air Rifle, pressure Test, leakage testing ect. The air and water dual cooling system can cool down the machine better than single cooling system, achieving higher stabilities then other compressors during work.
  • PLEASE NOTICE: This air compressor contains high pressure level so it is not recommended to inflate car tires or bicycle tires. If you want to inflate tires, you MUST pay attention to current pressure figure through gauge during inflating, so as to avoid an explosion accident. Please also keep it away from children.


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