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Color: X7 Pro 50W


  • ✅[equipped with Most powerful laser module M50] Double compression spot coupling technology: laser power is 9.5~10W, the ultra-fine laser focus area is reduced to 0.06*0.06 mm. The engraving and cutting speed is 40% higher than that of ordinary models.
  • ✅[The new filter panoramic glass eye protection design] A very important role in protecting your eyes, and are able to filter 97% of the ultraviolet light. Therefore, you and people around you do not need to wear goggles, you can also watch the process of laser engraving. The new laser engraver can reduce the cost of your goggles and the inconvenience of wearing goggles.
  • ✅[Solid and easy installation structure design] The all-aluminum alloy anodized structure design makes the machine more durable, and improves the accuracy of engraving. The entire structure has been designed for quick assembly, and the assembly can generally be completed within 10-20 minutes.
  • [Upgraded high-performance fixed-focus laser] Include Emergency stop button, Reset switch. The new laser combine precision engraving and high energy cutting at the same time. The laser power of the fixed-focus laser is more stable than the zoom laser.
  • ✅[Use your imagination to DIY your exclusive items] It can engrave on paper, bamboo, wood, plastic, leather PCB board, aluminum oxide, lacquered metal, etc. We are ATOMSTACK manufacturer. We provide customers with one year of free parts replacement and permanent professional technical customer service. If you have any problems during use, please contact us to help you. Please rest assured to buy.

UPC: 731716661215


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