• 【Create Your Own Logo】The A5 pro 40W laser engraver for home can meet your daily needs. It can engrave on wood, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, non-reflective plating and lacquered metal, ceramics. You can engrave your own logo for your favorite items.
  • 【Reason for Choice】The A5 pro laser engraver has a large engraving range of 15.74 x 16.1inch. 5.5W Optical output power of laser. Fixed Focus Compressed Spot, higher accuracy, and more refined engraving products. It can not only engrave but also cut 1/5″ of the wood and acrylic.
  • 【Solid and Easy Installation Structure】The expansion kit adopts the original metal profiles of A5 and other engraving machines to expand the engraving area while ensuring the stability and accuracy of the engraving machine.
  • 【Easily Expand the Engraving Area】just replace the frame shaft of the laser engraving machine, you can get a large engraving area of 16.1″ x 33.4″ (850*410mm).
  • 【Applicable models】Applicable for Atomstack A5/A5 pro/A5 pro+/x7/s10 pro/A10 pro/A5 M50/A5 M50 pro/A5 M40/A5 M30


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